It is important that you are aware of the local rules when playing at Brisbane River Golf Club. 

Some additional rules change daily depending on course conditions and weather and are displayed near the Pro Shop.

All male social players must tee off from the yellow tees. Tuesday, Saturday, and Tedex Cup players only should use the black, blue or red veteran tees. Female players may use the red tees at all times. 

Please read the Local Rules prior to beginning your round. 

The following Local Rules are to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf. These Local Rules override any others that may be posted. 

Note: Rule 4.3a(1) permits the use of a distance measuring device to obtain information on distance but not elevation changes. 

1. Out of Bounds

(i) Beyond any line of white stakes with black tops and/or white lines.

(ii) Beyond any fence bounding the course

(iii) Fence boundary lines from surrounding houses - no relief without penalty

2. Preferred Lies - 6th Hole ONLY

When a player's ball lies in the general area on the 6th hole only, the player may take free relief using a preferred lie by placing the original ball or another ball in the relief area of:

(i) Bare Patches (excluding divots) - nearest point of relief from the spot of the original ball, not nearer to the hole than the reference point (spot of the original ball)

(ii) Grassed Areas - nearest point of relief from the reference point, not nearer to the hole than the reference point and within one card length of that same point. 

3. Compulsory Replay - Power Lines

When a player's ball makes contact with power lines, the player must replay the shot from the same position with no penalty. 

4. Abnormal Course Conditions (including Obstructions and GUR)

Free relief within one (1) club length and not nearer to the hole may be taken in the following instances:

(i) All artificially surfaced roads and/or pathways

(ii) Staked trees and tree guards

(iii) Includes all areas bounded by white lines and/or white stakes (GUR)

(iv) All marked and unmarked irrigation and construction works

(v) All clearly defined wheel tracks

(vi) Relief must be taken from defined garden beds on Hole 1

(vii) Bare patches - a ball which comes to rest on a bare patch (area devoid of grass - a divot is not a bare patch) in the area cut to Fairway height or less 

(viii) Bare patches on the green (including newly turfed areas) - a ball which comes to rest on the green and on a bare patch (area devoid of grass), or such area is on a player's intended line of putt. NOTE: The nearest point of relief may be off the green and in such case the ball shall be placed

(ix) Seams of cut turf and seams around the green. If a player's ball lies on a seam, or if a seam interferes with the player's area of intended swing the player MAY take relief. Interference does not exist for interference with the player's stance

(x) Solar stations are immovable obstructions. Line of sight relief may be taken

(xi) Gullies marked with red stakes/hazards are in play (Hole 1, 2, 16, 17, 18)

(xii) Hole 14 - when ball rests near rocks or drain outside of the bunker and natural swing is impeded. 

NOTE: The course is surrounded by houses and roads. If you hit a wayward ball, you may be responsible for any damage. Please take this into account when taking your shot and take reasonable care. If you do accidentally hit a house or car, you must advise the Pro Shop prior to your departure and provide contact details as requested. 

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