The provision of facilities and services to Club members and the achievement of the Club’s objectives.


(i) Bar – The sale of liquor is only authorized for consumption on or at the Clubhouse and Golf Course by a member of the Club and authorized visitors.
(ii) Functions – The sale of liquor is only authorized for consumption on or at the Clubhouse by a member of the Squadron, authorized visitors and invited guests to the function only.
(iii) Takeaway – The sale of liquor is in a takeaway capacity is not authorized
(iv) Golf Course – The golf course area is subject to the licensed conditions of the Club and the consumption of bring-your-own liquor is not permitted.


The clubhouse consisting of all indoor areas and an outdoor area containing outdoor activities and entertainment area, covered facilities and golf course.


The Club can trade within the Licensed Hours: Monday to Friday – 9 am to 12 midnight Saturday and Sunday – 9 am to 12 midnight (excluding Christmas Day, New Years Eve, Good Friday and Anzac Day, the trading hours of which are prescribed in the Liquor Act 1992) While closing times are dependent on patronage normal operating hours are:


Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 6:30pm
Friday 9:00am to 8:30pm
Saturday 9:00am to 6:30pm
Sunday 9:00am to 6:30pm
Christmas Day Closed
Good Friday Closed
Anzac Day No liquor sold prior to 1.00 pm
New Years Eve May remain open to 2.00 am

Takeaway Liquor

Takeaway Liquor is not available at the Club.


(i) Members or visitors shall not bring liquor of any kind onto the licensed premises.
(ii) Glasses and other Club property shall not be removed from the licensed premises.
(iii) Swearing, loud and abusive language or excessive noise shall not be permitted in the licensed premises.
(iv) Scooters, rollerblades, skateboards or similar items are not to be ridden or parked in the Club grounds, including licensed area, golf course and car parks.
(v) Motorcycles and bicycles are not to be ridden or parked in the licensed premises. Bicycles must be parked in cycle racks and motorcycles in the car park.
(vi) Pets shall not be brought onto the licensed premises at any time.
(vii) Glasses and breakable items shall not be taken into the playground area.


(i) Smoking is not permitted in the Bar at any time.
(ii) Smoking is not permitted within two metres of the food and serving counter of the Cafe 
(iii) Smoking is permitted in the designated smoking areas outside of the Clubhouse


(i) Parent and guardians at all times shall be responsible for the behaviour of their children on Club premises, including the golf course and car parks. Parents and guardians of children whose behaviour is socially unacceptable shall be requested to remove them from Club premises.
(ii) Persons under the age of eighteen shall not be permitted to be served or receive alcohol.
(iii) Persons under the age of eighteen shall not be permitted to remain within the Bar unless under the direct supervision of a person over the age of eighteen years. No persons under the age of eighteen are permitted in the bar after 6:30pm.
(iv) Children using Club playground equipment shall at all times be under the supervision of their parent or guardian.


(i) Liquor may not be sold or supplied to, or permitted to be consumed by a minor on licensed premises or at a place adjacent to licensed premises.
(ii) Persons may be asked for an acceptable proof of age card prior to service. The following photographic ID represent the only acceptable proof of age:
(1) A proof of age card issued by relevant authorities in each state or territory. The proof of age card issued in Queensland is Card 18+.
(2) A driver’s license
(3) An Australian or foreign passport
(iii) It is a requirement under the Liquor Act to confiscate fake or fraudulent ID and for this document to be forwarded to the Liquor Licensing Division.


(i) The Licensee and staff must refuse service to patrons who are intoxicated.
(ii) The Liquor Act defines undue intoxication as:
“a state of being in which a person’s mental and physical faculties are impaired because of consumption of liquor so as to diminish the person’s ability to think and act in a way in which an ordinary prudent person in full possession of his or her faculties, and using reasonable care, would act in like circumstances.”
(iii) There are several behavioural signs which, in combination, may indicate that a person has had too much to drink.
These signs include:
* mood changes
* slurring or mistakes in speech
* raised speaking voice
* clumsiness, fumbling with change
* loss of balance or co-ordination, swaying or staggering
* confusion, lack of ability to hear or respond
(iv) The Club’s Licensee and staff do not commit an offence if an intoxicated person is on their premise, although the intoxicated person does. The Club’s Licensee and staff do commit an offence if they sell or supply liquor to unduly intoxicated or disorderly patrons.
(v) The Club and its Licensee must:
* behave responsibly in the service, supply and promotion of alcohol                                                                                                * must not engage in a practice or promotion that may encourage rapid or excessive consumption of liquor
* must engage in practices and promotions that encourage the responsible consumption of liquor
* must provide and maintain a safe environment in and around the licensed premises.


(i) All members and visitors are requested to maintain an appropriate code of behaviour and consider the needs of other patrons whilst at the Club.
(ii) Conduct within the licensed premises and the provisions of the Liquor Act are the responsibility of the Licensee and the Manager at any given time and the cooperation with the directions provided by the employees, is required at all times.
(iii) Service can essentially be refused to patrons for the following reasons
* Safety of the patron
* Safety of others
* Provisions of the Liquor Act
* Civil liability
(iv) The enforcement of the Liquor Act and the Club’s House Rules and Policy is the responsibility of the Club’s Licensee, Management and employees. Reports in regard to breaches of the House – Rules and Policy and/or misconduct of members may be referred to House and Entertainment and/or General Committee by management.
(v) Complaints and reports associated with House operations may be referred to Management and/or Club Committee for consideration

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